GGP Competition 2009

2009s GGP competition was held in association with the GIGA workshop at IJCAI.

The winner of the 2009 GGP Competition is Jean Méhat from Université de Paris 8 (France) with his player Ary. Congratulations!

Place Player Team
1 Ary Jean Méhat (Université de Paris, France)
2 Fluxplayer Stephan Schiffel, Michael Thielscher (Dresden University of Technology, Germany)
3 Maligne Nathan Sturtevant, Neil Burch, Jonathan Schaeffer, Mesut Kirci, Mohammad Shafiei, Kevin Waugh, Richard Valenzano, Mehdi Samadi (University of Alberta, Canada)
4 Centurio Maximilian Möller, Marius Schneider, Martin Wegner (University of Potsdam, Germany)
5 Ethos Ethan Petrick Dreyfuss (Stanford University, USA)
6 CadiaPlayer Hilmar Finnsson, Yngvi Björnsson (Reykjavik University, Iceland)
7 Gamer Peter Kissmann, Stefan Edelkamp (TU Dortmund / TZI Bremen, Germany)
8 TurboTurtle Sam Schreiber, Steven Bills, Mike Mintz (Stanford University, USA)

Between June 15 and 28 competitors were requested to participate in the pre-tournament playing period. The results were used to decide on the assignment of the players to two preliminary heats. First and second player of each heat competed in the finals for places 1 to 4, whereas third and fourth players played the same games in the consolation round for places 5 to 8.

Have a look at the official 2009 GGP competition page for a detailed description of the competition format and more information about the players.

If you are interested, you can download the game rules as well as the trace of all the matches (2.9MB zip file).