Two workshops on General Game Playing were held in association with IJCAI so far:

  • GIGA'09 in Pasadena (California) in July 2009, and
  • GIGA'11 in Barcelona (Spain) in July 2011.

World Championships

Since 2005, there have been annual General Game Playing world championships. So far, the following programs were victorious:

  • at AAAI 2005: Cluneplayer, by Jim Clune (UCLA)
  • at AAAI 2006: Fluxplayer, by Stephan Schiffel and Michael Thielscher (Dresden University of Technology)
  • at AAAI 2007, 2008: Cadiaplayer, by Yngvi Björnsson and Hilmar Finnsson (Reykjavik University)
  • at GIGA 2009 and AAAI 2010: Ary, by Jean Mehat and Tristan Cazenave (Université de Paris 8/10)
  • at IJCAI 2011: TurboTurtle, by Sam Schreiber

For details about the 2009 competition please visit the competition page. Details about the other competitions should be available at

German General Game Playing Competitions

The First German General Game Playing Competition was held on 7th October 2009. All participants were students or researchers at german universities.

The Second German GGP Competition was held in October 2010.

The first German Open was held on October 4th 2011 in the context of the 34th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI-11). Teams from all over the world were invited to participate. For the first time, there was a GDL-II track (games with incomplete information and indeterminism)!

European General Game Playing Competition

The first European General Game Playing Competition was held on 16th April 2009 between 6 student teams of Reykjavik University and TU-Dresden. Details can be found here.

Dresden General Game Playing Competitions

General game playing competitions were held annually at TU-Dresden between the players of the student teams of the GGP course.

Links to competition results, games and matches:

Dresden General Game Playing Course

This course was held annually at TU-Dresden from 2005/06 to 2009/10. It was a hands-on introduction to General Game Playing and, by extension, Artificial Intelligence. Theoretical background was provided through lectures, but the main pedagogical value of the course derived from the students┬┤ work in using this theory to create GGP systems to compete with each other. Slides and other course material is still online.